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Hundar har alltid vart en del av mitt liv och nu ska jag göra en nya resa. Tillsammans med de hundar jag umgås med ska jag nu anta en liten utmaning! Mitt liv som fodervärd!! Så tillsammans med min kamera ska jag visa vad som händer på min nya resa. Förutom hundar så kommer nog maken och barnbarnen dyka upp på bilderna.

fredag 25 juli 2014

My son´s girlfriend....

Is a lovely and kind girl...

She surprised him with roses and a verse! 
Thought it was so nice that I wanted to make a canvas for them!
My embellis on this is:
image, die cut, butterfly, leaf, flowers, pearl, spirals and double bow!

The verse something like this goes like this:
Who knows how long the sun shines 
Who knows how long the polar ice freezes 
Who knows how long the clock strikes
Who knows how long a heart beat 

Do you know how far the sun´s rays reach 
Do you know when the polar ice leak 
Do you know how far a watch can go 
Do you know how long a heart beats

I know that the sun shines for us 
I know that the polar ice is not removed 
I know the clock´s time is with me 
I know that my heart beats for you

I may not have translated quite correctly....but that´s on me!!
Nick and Camilla
I love them both....

Have a wonderful weekend, we're going to the capital on a little vacation. 
Just enjoy the incredibly beautiful weather we have in Sweden right now....

Hugs Kate

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  1. Outstanding Kate and so good that you get on with your Son's girlfriend, she sounds like a lovely young woman xxx


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