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I am a creative mother of two and grandmother of four wonderful kids. I like to create with the grandchildren so they learn to play without toys. Have always drew, painted and stitched. Like to reuse old things. Maybe a chair gets a new style or a few plates becomes a cookie dish. So create cards and paintings fit me. Lives in Sweden, Karlstad

söndag 19 april 2015

My grandson Oliwer´s birthday card!

We have celebrated Oliwers 10 year birthday ... 
He got a flight to Spain Barcelona and to be able to go to the football game 
to see his beloved FC Barcelona. 
They will be away for almost 1 week and should just enjoy and feel good. 
He was shocked and did not understand at first but now he's the luckiest guy in the world !! 
Beloved grandson Oliwer, you are so worth it..... 
Love you to the moon and back

It´s hard to find the right color, but he love´d it!!

Hugz K8

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