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I am a creative mother of two and grandmother of four wonderful kids. I like to create with the grandchildren so they learn to play without toys. Have always drew, painted and stitched. Like to reuse old things. Maybe a chair gets a new style or a few plates becomes a cookie dish. So create cards and paintings fit me. Lives in Sweden, Karlstad

fredag 22 mars 2013

This weekend will be creative, I hope anyway.....

So it's Friday again! Today I donate blood so you do something good for someone else who needs it more than me. Then it will try to create some new paintings, found some really nice frames. But they will get a makeover before using them. Tomorrow we will see when the grandchild Oliwer play floorball and then I go home and try to be a little creative.

Wish you all an incredible weekend

Love and Hugs//K8

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